Mikey’s Music Emporium

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Welcome to my Music Emporium. Feel free to browse the weathered shelves, take a seat on the old, tattered armchair. Make yourselves at home. This is THE place to purchase and listen to the music that I release.

Granted, I’ve only released the one album so far. But this is THE place to get it. Believe me.

So, my debut album is called Paper Boat. It’s a fun, frolicking adventure of songs that will make you laugh, cry and wonder ‘what time signature is that in?’ Don’t believe me? Check out my testimonials page

You can get access to the album here in a variety of formats. Let me take you through the options.

Physical Copy

Purchase a physical CD copy of Paper Boat and get a free download chucked in as well. CDs can be used in cars, and some hi-fi systems. They are round with a hole in the middle. Not to be confused with cinnamon and raisin bagels.


Or, if you are fully invested in the Apple life, or you have no way of playing a CD, because you are just so future, why not download it on iTunes:

Google Play

Or, if you prefer an Android-based Google experience, you can also get it on Google Play, right here:

Get it on Google Play

I don’t know why the button’s that big. I’m so good at web development.


Or, if you struggle with commitment and want to have a listen before you buy, try it on Spotify:

Happy listening, chums!