Hello friend. Welcome to my small corner of the internet. Goodness knows how you found it. I really don’t advertise it that much. But still, you are so welcome. Honestly.

If you don’t know me, I like to write songs. And then sing them. I am a worship leader, but I also like to sing about all sorts of other nonsense too. Last year, I released an EP called The Snowball Chronicles, Vol. 1: Symphony of Grace. 

You can listen to it in all sorts of places here. Or you can download it and pay for it (and thus support me financially) right here. In the meantime, have a little watch of a lyric video I did for one of the tracks right here:

I still have a whole album and a few singles that you can listen to still, including with the previous single Thank You. I would heartily endorse putting them on repeat. You can find all that here (Spotify) or here (Apple Music) or head over to my Youtube channel for a slightly more visual (and often surreal) experience.

All of that, I’m sure you will have notice, I willingly give away for exactly zero pounds. And I’m more than happy to. The most important thing is that you get to hear my music. However, if you already love what I do, and you’d like to support me financially – buy something or pay me to do something – go here to find out how you can do just that.