Thank You

God You’re bursting full of mercy
Slow to anger, swift to save
Deliverer, our rescuer
Defeater of the grave

You reached down from the heavens
Picked us up and showed us grace
Died a death that You did not deserve
You suffered for our sake

Jesus what else can we say?
We won’t stop singing

Thank You, Thank You Lord
You forgive and You restore
Thank You, Thank You Lord
For You remember our sin no more

When joy pours down like summer rain
Refreshing barren lands
We will not forget that these gifts came
Directly from Your hands

And when sorrows beat like crashing waves
Upon our battered souls
We remind ourselves that our God saves
Make gratitude our goal

Circumstance will not dictate
We’ll never stop singing

You have been so good to us  (x3)
You have been so good to us