New Song Lyrics

Thank You


God You’re bursting full of mercy
Slow to anger, swift to save
Deliverer, our rescuer, defeater of the grave
You reached down from the heavens,
Picked us up and showed us grace
Died a death that You did not deserve
You suffered for our sake

Jesus what else can we say?
We won’t stop singing

Thank You, Thank You Lord
You forgive and You restore
Thank You, Thank You Lord
For You remember our sin no more

When joy pours down like summer rain,
Refreshing barren lands.
We will not forget that these gifts came
Directly from Your hands
And when sorrows beat like crashing waves
Upon our battered souls
We remind ourselves that our God saves
Make gratitude our goal

Circumstance will not dictate
We’ll never stop singing

You have been so good to us (x3)
You have been so good to us


Is There Anything Too Hard for You?


You turn brokenness to beauty
And winter into spring
Is there anything too hard for You?

You turn poverty to plenty
Emptiness to everything
Is there anything too hard for You?
Is there anything that You cannot make new?

​You’re the God of the impossible
​The mighty King of miracles
No, nothing is too difficult for You

You’re the Hope for every hopeless soul
The pardon for the prodigal
There’s nothing God that You cannot make new

You turn fisherman to fathers
And scoundrels into saints
Is there anything too hard for You?

Servants into sons and daughters
You bring glory out of shame
Is there anything too hard for You?
Is there anything that You cannot make new?

You make all things new…


In You


Lord I lift my soul to You
My head held high, my eyes upon You God
Every morning, mercies fresh like dew
You won’t let me be put to shame

My hope is in You,
My hope is in You,
My hope is in You, only You

I’m trusting in You,
I’m trusting in You,
I’m trusting in You

Lord I give my life to You
All my hopes, and doubts, and dreams at Your feet
Guide me on the path that’s true
Take my hand, show me Your ways

I have built my house, firmly on the rock
The bitter wind and waves can bluster all they want
For I have placed my trust in Jesus Son of God
I will not be moved, I will not be moved


You Never Break Your Promises


You are not a man that You should lie
Your word will always stand and never die
Your kindness does not change with tides and trends
Your goodness is a fire that can’t be quenched

And all I have needed,
Your hand has provided

You, You never break
You never break Your promises

You said that You are faithful to forgive
You bled and suffered, died that we might live
You said that You are always by our side
You have never failed, You’ve never lied

We will put our trust in You,
For everything You say and do
Is wise and kind and trustworthy and true
We will put our trust in You
In everything we say and do
For Father You are faithful through and through


Miracle Mercy


We have seen the goodness of the Lord,
His faithfulness is bottomless, an ocean with no shore
For when we still were shackled and enslaved,
He was strong to save – He tore the bars away
Took on our chains so that we could walk free

Miracle Mercy,
The glorious story of heavenly rescue
Of God become man
Unthinkable kindness
You came down to find us
Swallowed up death
Gave us glorious life

We have heard the symphony of grace
How merciful the melody of love that made a way
For when we wandered desperate and alone
He left His mighty throne, to claim us as His own
Plucked us from danger, and carried us home

Hallelujah, what a Saviour
Hallelujah, Jesus, Jesus


Lift Up Your Eyes


Lift up your eyes to heaven look to Jesus
The King of all creation on His throne
Come recognise again our God is glorious
Beginning and the end, He stands alone

As we arrive, we bring everything before Him
Our passion and our apathy, our pain
Oh Church of Christ, all ye faithful come adore Him
Through the mountain-tops, the mess and the mundane

And we know we are so easily distracted
So we’re turning our attention back to Him


As we arrive, we bring everything before Him
Our faith and our frustrations and our fears
Oh Church of Christ, all ye faithful come adore Him
Bring your doubts and disappointments, bring your tears

For we know we are so easily disheartened
So we’re turning now to find our strength in Him


We lift up our eyes


I am Forgiven


Your mercies are new every morning
The slate is wiped clean with the rising sun

You love me, I am forgiven
You love me, I am forgiven
You love me, I am forgiven
This is who I am now, this is who I am

You’re the God of second chances
The King of kindness, architect of grace
You’re the Father of forgiveness
Magnificent and merciful always

I love You, for You loved me first
I love You, for You loved me first
I love You, for You loved me first
Love is who You are, God
Love is who You are


Jesus, Wonderful Saviour


Jesus, wonderful Saviour
Jesus, merciful King
Jesus, hallelujah
Jesus, our grateful hearts sing

Thank You, thank You, thank You Jesus
Thank You, thank You, thank You Lord



Have Mercy

Most merciful God
We confess that we have sinned
Against You
In thought and word and deed

By what we have done
And what we’ve left undone
We’ve not loved you with our whole hearts
And we’ve not loved our neighbour as ourselves

Have mercy on us
Have mercy Lord
That we may delight in Your will
And walk in Your ways

We the people of God
Called by Your name
We come humbly
To pray

Confessing our sins
We turn from our old ways
Back towards You, so forgive us
And heal our wear land, send the rain

We’re sorry we’ve excluded those who do not look like us
We’re sorry for our apathy, our fear, our pride, our lust
We’re sorry for our power-hunger, sorry for our greed
We’re sorry for our blinded eyes towards the ones in need

We’re sorry we’ve been guided not by truth but how we feel
We’re sorry that we’ve lived our lives as if You were not real
We’re sorry we’ve forgotten You in self-important rush
We’re sorry that our streams of justice trickle, do not gush

We’re sorry that our actions have not matched up to our words
We’re sorry that the widow’s cries too often go unheard
We’re sorry that we’ve hidden in the safety of these walls
That we’ve been building barriers, not hospitals or schools

We’re sorry that our worship has been no more than a song
Our loveless words a crashing cymbal, the clanging of a gong
We’re sorry for our silence in the face of great abuse
We’re sorry we were more concerned with filling up our pews

We’re sorry that our space has not been safe for the oppressed
We’re sorry we cared less about their hearts than how they dressed


Perfect Love


The Lord is my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear? Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is my refuge and my shelter
Why should I be afraid?

Perfect love, perfect love
Perfect love drives out all fear

Fear will turn and run away
There’s no place here for it to stay
The darkness cannot stand the light
Now morning has broken, it shattered the night