Here are some (mostly) nice things that people have said about me, or my music

– ‘Sometimes I forget how weird you are’ Mikey Oldfield

– ‘The most 90s music video since the 90s’ Dave Johnson

– ‘Brilliantly bonkers and intriguing’ Theresa Finking

– ‘It’s like an amazingly-written novel with a Fun Loving Criminals bassline’ James Clarke

– ‘It’s a bizarre combination of Weird Al Yankovic and actually good’ David Blurton (sorry Weird Al. I like you)

– ‘Eclectic mix of fun, great tunes and nifty lyrics’ Debs Fulcher-Cornah

– ‘Witty, clever, emotionally appealing pop that just begs to be listened to. For those of you that need to be able to think in terms of what it’s like I’m going to list some names. Crowded House, the Divine Comedy, the Ruttles, the Pet Shop boys. Now imagine that in a laboratory somewhere a mad scientist took the DNA of these four bands and spliced it together with a splash of Noel Coward, a hint of classic blues rock guitar, some 60s soul brass and a little ukulele. Then this strange creature went wandering through the kaleidoscope landscape of pop and then someone put all that on CD. You’d have something that came close to this wonderful album.’ Pete Bangs (oh baby when Pete moves)

– ‘I’ll be sad when Mikey Powell dies’ Mikey Oldfield

– ‘You’re a monumental [REDACTED]’ Phil Griffiths

– ‘Mikey is borderline entertaining’ Bekah Cuyler