Do It Anyway

Over the past year-and-a-bit I’ve learned a lot about creativity. One of these things is what to do when you’re not feeling creative, or you’ve just run out of ideas.

There is a romantic myth that you need to be in the right zone to be creative – that you should wait for inspiration.

I don’t believe it.

Ok, there is some truth in it. We have moments of inspiration. And there are times when we need to take a break and wait.

But for the most part, just do it anyway. Don’t wait for inspiration – hunt it down relentlessly.

Like a muscle, creativity only grows stronger as you use it – as you exercise it. Maybe you create something really crap this time. It doesn’t matter. It’s never time wasted. It’s all flexing the muscle.

Give yourself freedom to write some really crappy songs, paint some awful paintings or make some truly terrible graphic design.

So, feeling uninspired? Start drawing anyway.

Not in the mood? Start singing anyway.

Can’t think of anything to write in your blog post this week? Do it anyway.

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