Momentum, or the lack thereof, is a powerful thing.

It’s the curse of the blank page – once you start eating into the word count and forming some paragraphs, momentum kicks in and it gets easier. It’s starting that’s the difficult part.


The Internal Jukebox of the Brain

The feeling of getting a song stuck in your head is a pretty common one.

It happens in various ways. Maybe your irritating housemate was playing Gangnam Style on repeat earlier and now you can’t sleep because your brain is currently doing the same. Or you went to a gig the other day and the catchiest songs ran around your head for the entire journey home. Or throughout the Christmas period your brain randomly belted out “The power of looooove! Sent from aboooove!” because of that advert with the snowman that, let’s be honest, probably stole a hat and scarf from John Lewis.