I Feel So Small: A Song for the Overwhelmed

Sometimes life is just a bit overwhelming. Sometimes I just feel a bit small

Does anyone else feel like that? Every now and again?

For example, I’m writing this today and the UK has just voted to leave the EU. A decision I did not vote for, and which threatens to shroud everything in uncertainty. I feel pretty small right now.

Other times I wonder whether everyone else has got everything sorted and it’s just me that doesn’t have a clue. Some mornings I wake up to find fear whispering into my ear. Telling me that I’ve missed my chance. That I’ll never reach my full potential. That I’m the only one that feels like that.

But I don’t think that’s true. I reckon we all feel like that sometimes.

So I wrote a little song about it. And I got my friend Ruth to help me sing it and my housemate Steve to play some accordion. I hope that you like it, and that if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed today, you know you’re not on your own.

If you DO like it, the good news is that I’ve written other songs. And I plan to release an album of them before the end of the year. I wrote about it in this blog. And I didn’t want you to forget. Feel free to get excited about that and ask me how it’s going. If I curl up into a ball at the mention of it though, maybe play me this song.


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