My New Year’s Resolution

Did you know that blog posts in January are 72% more likely to be in some way related to New Year’s Resolutions than any other topic?

Have you heard that there is an approximate 14% increase in inspirational memes on Facebook during the month?

And were you aware that it has been calculated (I can only assume by the characters from the Big Bang Theory) that Smaug is the richest character in all of fiction?

Did you also know that I sometimes make up facts just for fun?

Though that Smaug thing is actually true. Apparently.

But it is indeed January and the subjects of resolutions, goals and self-improvement cannot be avoided. Even by me.

You see, I too have a New Year’s Resolution. A single goal.

Now, it is true that this is not unfamiliar ground. It is a Force Awakens-style act of self-homage to my first ever blog post, some three years ago. That day in January I resolved to close cupboard doors after I had used them. And I have been remarkably successful in that endeavour ever since.

This unprecedented level of success has informed my belief that New Year’s Resolutions should always be simple, specific and alarmingly under-ambitious.

This year though, I am aiming ever-so-slightly higher.

I am going to release an album.

It is certainly simple, very specific and actually – given that I wrote, arranged and recorded most of it four years ago – it meets the criteria of being alarmingly under-ambitious as well.

Many of you probably know that I wrote an album for my Masters many years ago now. And pretty much ever since handing it in, I have been saying that I will finish it off and release it.

And I’m sure all of you have noticed that that categorically hasn’t happened. Many times I’ve started, faced an obstacle and baulked at the bigness of it all. Very often other stuff has distracted me. I’ve given myself deadlines and missed them spectacularly.

So I wouldn’t blame you if you were to scoff at this proclamation. But I really do mean it this time. And to prove that I’m serious, I am offering you the opportunity to listen to one of the songs right now.

Think of it as a deposit on the full payment that will be the album itself.

I chose this track because it is the most finished (though it should be said that it isn’t actually finished) and it has an appropriate title. It is also quite long and sad, and not particularly representative of the rest of the album. But life is never quite perfect. Ah well. I hope you like it.

So, why am I telling you all this? First and foremost, it provides accountability. If I whet your appetite and get you all excited about some music that I wrote, and then I don’t deliver, there’s nowhere for me to hide. There are built-in consequences. Even more motivation.

Secondly, I’m excited. Though I wrote these songs a few years ago now, I still quite like them, and want people to hear them. And I figure if I let you guys know about it, more people will get chance to hear them.

I’m also terrified. Because putting stuff you’ve made out into the world is scary.

And I usually find that excited but terrified is a good place to be in life.

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