What’s the Deal with the Moon?

You may have noticed that the artwork for my latest single, Thank You (available everywhere you find your music online) features a pretty prominent moon (credit to Adam Jenkins for the incredible design.)

Mikey Powell - The Snowball Chronicles Vol 1 - Singles cover - V2 - Thank you








You may have also heard that my upcoming worship EP-  that Thank You is part of – will be called The Snowball Chronicles, Vol. 1.

And I can see how these things might cause some confusion for you. The moon doesn’t seem to have anything to do with thankfulness. And how snowballs link with worship is not clear in the slightest. There are no snowballs in the Bible, at least at first glance.

Well, I would love to enlighten you. To quell your confusion. To bulldoze your bewilderment. To pick apart your perplexity.


What’s the Story behind This is our Story?

You may have noticed that I’ve been banging on about a song that I’ve just released.

At this point, if I’m honest with you, everything within me wants to apologise for my flagrant self-promotion. But I’m not going to. That’s a thought for another time though.

Instead I’m going to answer the question that nobody has asked, but is no doubt on the tips of all your proverbial tongues.

What’s the story behind This is our Story? Wouldn’t you like to know.

See what I did there? Nice.