Stuff Should Be More Fun

At 23 years of age, I am very much aware that my experiences on this planet are inherently limited. Much to learn, I still have. So I try to hold things lightly and keep an open mind.

Nonetheless, there are some things that I feel I have learnt in my short journey thus far. Nuggets of wisdom. Fish fingers of insight. Battered mantras, if you will.


The Last-Minute Surprise Poo

I am not always the most punctual person.

Now I know – that must come as a surprise to you. I seem like a guy who has it all together, who would never dream of being so much as 10 seconds late to any of the various events, soirées and get-togethers at which his presence is required.


Harry Potter and the Easily Distressed Reader

I was meant to write a blog post at some point yesterday. Possibly the day before. The details are a little fuzzy. Because I’ve been too busy reading the fifth Harry Potter book, you see.

I know what you’re thinking – how come I’m only just doing this now? Well, it’s not that big a deal. A couple of years ago I looked up what happened on Wikipedia. So I’m really just recapping and fleshing out the details in my head.


The Curious Incident of the JLS Condom

In light of the recent announcement that the musical phenomenon that is JLS will soon cease to be, I thought I would share a story with you.

Now, some of you are probably slightly worried about the title, but I can assure you that the following words, sentences and paragraphs are all entirely above board. I would give it a rating of PG-13, owing to multiple scenes including Ben Amos.


Positive Criticism

Last week I went to a Worship Central event in Southampton.

On my way home, I had a most interesting discussion about said event with my mortal enemy good friend Tom Pollard. One phrase that he used struck me.


Mother’s Day Cards

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day.

If that is news to you, I suggest a hasty trip to the florist might be in order. Or you might get away with giving your mum a card this Sunday and then acting surprised when she tells you it was actually last week.


I Love Me a Good Walk

I love me a good walk. (Careful when you read that)

Admitting this may make me sound 20 or 30 years older than I actually am, but I make no apologies for unashamedly enthusing over the simple joys of walking. Perhaps it comes from growing up in Somerset, or from being an only child and enjoying my own company. Alternatively, it could be my natural kinship with nature. Or maybe I’m just insufferably boring.