Avengers: Endgame – My Review

As you may be aware, I have somewhat of a penchant for the pointless. If something has no need to exist, either I will want to make it exist or I will applaud it for already existing.

And what could be more pointless than a review of Avengers: Endgame?


What Would Jesus Write

So, the Christmas season is upon us.*

Shops are open for longer, the Germans have invaded our high streets with their markets, and Noddy Holder has awoken from his 11-month slumber to the sound of his royalty cheque being posted through the front door.



Sometimes, it is difficult to express yourself fully in words. So I have taken to drawing pictures to articulate some of the unfathomable depths of my soul. This particular piece of art is so deep even I don’t know what I mean.

It is a picture of David Cameron feeling awkward at a ceilidh. Jeremy Corbyn is also there, along with some other celebrity guests. I hope that you enjoy it. But more than that, I hope that it speaks deep emotional and grammatical truths to your soul.